Is it time for a website update?

Is it time for a website update?

Here’s a quick look at why it might be the right time to review your website to ensure its fully optimised to deliver the best results, and help grow your business.

A website update can reignite your business’s online presence and help you connect better with your customers. 
Well-designed websites are better at generating traffic and boosting your conversion rates.

You need a responsive website to ensure you’re connected to all your customers.
More than 60% of web searches in Australia are made from smartphones, and this number is growing each day. A responsive site also means your SEO ranking will be better than non-mobile designed sites.

The navigation may be the single most important piece of a website update. 
This part of website planning directly affects usability and therefore success. It is especially important for websites that feature complex page structures.

Keeping brand and brand attributes consistent throughout your website, as well as other areas of your business can be challenging but is absolutely necessary. 
Visual communication, and language, plays a large part in brand awareness and encouraging your audience to associate with your business. Keep your message uniform and reap the rewards.

SEO and readability
The content and how it is displayed is of utmost importance to success. Through SEO, related keywords are essential to include in order to drive traffic and where to put those keywords. SEO is a huge part of the success of any website.

Content is king
Key messaging should be clear and concise so as not to confuse the viewer or waste their time. Too much text makes a page seem cluttered while too little can hurt your ability to present information or to rank well in searches. It’s a delicate balance. A key ranking element for SEO is how long users stay on any given page and content (the right content) is what keeps them there.

Mark Gandolfo
Mark Gandolfo