Helping spread the word for Speech Pathology Australia

Speech Pathology Australia (SPA) a professional member organisation, needed a new web system to communicate with its many and varied stakeholders, including a member base of more the 6,900 people, and to grow its membership numbers.

A highly sophisticated system was required, with a multitude of objectives and special requirements to acknowledge. GRIT worked on the high level requirements for the site, including developing the overall strategy, and then designing and developing the Information Architecture (IA) and functionality through a series of workshops with SPA management. The IA for the Members-only area was the most challenging part.

We then worked on the design, based on the agreed brand objectives and strategy. Once these components were all approved, the programming/development for the system, managed by SPA, commenced.

The great news is the new system whilst only just launched is being used by a wide group of stakeholders with initial comments being extremely positive. Importantly, the SPA National Conference, is a major part of the yearly calendar, which has only just finished, was featured on the website and the area has been one of the most widely used so far.

We love working with Speech Pathology Australia and helping bring words to life for so many Australians, through this remarkable group of dedicated, specialist people.

Andrew Boal