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Marketing is hard.
Marketing an SME is harder.

How do you compete against much larger brands? How can you make an impact in such a crowded space especially against bigger, better-funded competitors?

Grit can help. Grit is a full-service agency with a particular focus on digital campaigns and video content. With over 20 years of experience working on some of the largest brands in the world, we have the knowledge and skills to market your brand to the world. But we are a small business too. So we know the unique challenges you face, including small budgets, small to no marketing departments and limited time.

We can give you the thinking, expertise and creativity of a large brand, on the budget of a small brand.

We can help grow your brand from a small-medium brand to a large brand.

We can help you have the impact of a much larger brand.

How can we do it?

Your customers aren’t all on the same channels, but they are also not only within single channels. You need to be everywhere they are, with a consistent message. All your marketing and advertising should work in synergy with each other. Each builds on and supports the others. Grit can help you craft your overall marketing goals, create a powerful advertising message, and then build a multi-platform marketing campaign around that.

As an example, a potential customer may be on Facebook, just browsing their timeline looking for cat pictures when they see a sponsored ad from your company. They don’t act immediately, but they notice your company and its products. Sometimes only subconsciously. Two weeks later they are actively searching for a product on Google when they see a paid Google ad for your specific product. They recognise your company – it seems familiar. So they click on the ad where they arrive at a website landing page with all the information about your product. Even a video that powerfully showcases your product. They love it, so they click the ‘Buy Now’ button and purchase the product right then.

Grit provides full end-to-end digital services that can make that whole journey as seamless and attractive as possible. With a consistent message from start to finish to reach the ultimate goal of selling your products.

Advertising and Marketing Services

Grit can provide complete end-to-end marketing and advertising services for your business.

Social Media Advertising


Email campaigns

Video Content Production

Website Design and Development

Ecommerce setup

Tracking and Analytics

Example campaigns

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