Goldline Social Promotion

Challenge: Whilst Goldline has been building gas cooktops in Australia for local and international markets for over 25 years, it’s brand recognition within Australia was very low. We wanted to get people noticing the Goldline brand and what it stood for.


Solution: A Social Media campaign was developed to launch the brand across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for an initial 3 month period to start. This campaign, designed to get the conversation going around cooking tips and recipes, encourages people to share stories about their favourite cooktop cooking.

To kickstart the campaign we also ran a 5-week promotion on Facebook for people to win a ‘Will and Steve’ (My Kitchen Rules) Cookbook, each week for 5 weeks.


Results: The Facebook campaign whilst still underway has already attracted a large following and likes.
158% increase in page likes.
195 people have entered the competition, with winners re-posting their happiness at winning (complete with photos).
Over 25,000 people have been exposed to the Goldline brand, from a very modest budget.
2.49% Engagement Rate for the campaign.



SME, Social Media