Fight Like A Girl


Build awareness and encourage sales of a new book ‘Fight like a Girl’ by the famous feminist Clementine Ford.


A Facebook Live Event featuring a chat and Q and A session with Clementine with a number of people including Julia Baird from The Drum, participating.


Considered a huge success, on both the night with comments and posts by hundreds of people, and the number of views during and post the event surpassing 23,000. During the event, we received 771 likes and 599 comments.

What we take from this

People will connect with brands and products if there is an interesting story to tell and that they can become involved with. Live events can be a great way to get into people’s homes on a one on one basis to help them get ‘up close and personal’ with a brand/product. If a brand doesn’t innovate in the way it communicates with people, it will cease to be relevant to the customers.

Watch the Videos

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Part 2 –

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