Australia Post Instore Shopping

Challenge: Australia Post has one of the largest retail networks in Australia. The organisation needed a way to expand its retail product offerings without having to display and hold a large number of products and varieties of those products they would like to offer customers. Australia Post also wanted flexibility to be able to offer new products quickly and seamlessly into the product offering.

Solution: A touchscreen kiosk program designed and built by Grit (with touchscreens supplied by Fujitsu), which presents products simply and makes it very easy for shoppers to choose products, build a shopping list, print it, and take to the counter to drop the shopping list and pay. The program presents product info, including product varieties, colour options, and other information using text and videos all within the requirements of the Australia Post style guide.

The program is currently being trialled, and is expected to roll out to more stores over time, as key objectives are met.

Digital, Outdoor