Our approach

Our core philosophy is that your marketing should be all about the customer and the customer journey in relation to your brand. The explosion of social media has led to people taking greater control of how they are perceived,  and their association with and embracing of particular brands that reflect that perception. Customers are taking control of how brands are defined, with or without the cooperation of the brand. This means that brands need to include their customers when developing their identity.

A brand’s identity is made up of a combination of the brand’s needs and expectations and its customers’ needs and expectations.   The intersection of these two points is your ‘sweet spot’.  This is what we help you identify,  access and amplify.


We built Grit around 3 core pillars of brand development


Effective strategy is the rock on which everything else is built from.

We have a strong belief that customers are increasingly drawn to brands rather than just products and services. The GRIT approach to strategy focusses on the customer journey in relation to their wants and needs. We are totally customer focussed and firstly establish what the customer feels and wants as part of their journey. We then look at the BRAND story, and how to make this relevant to the customers and their journey. Through clever design and content planning, we then invite the customer to become involved in the story. Your BRAND story. When this is done effectively the BRAND story becomes the customer’s story. We build brands through higher thinking, customer focus and brand involvement.


We consider and craft every element to visually express your brand.

Our starting point with any brand is defining all the existing visual building blocks and identifying any additional or evolutionary elements that we consider important that can positively affect the brand.   Design adds value to your business and brand using well planned strategic and measurable objectives that aim to tell your brand stories. The primary role of design is to effectively allow the user or customer to build a relationship with the brand on a personal level. Design should always meet the requirements of the end user and GRIT applies its user experience thinking to every brand and brand communications. We believe that design should not pander to trends but meet the unique objectives of each brand. Nothing is in the design that shouldn’t be there.


We help you find your story, tell it and share it with the world.

Consumers aren’t happy with just buying the right product anymore, they want to know about the brand behind the product.  What they stand for, who they are and why they exist. They are actively seeking brands who have a story to tell about themselves.   This is where content marketing becomes powerful. You get to allow consumers to see, hear, feel and live your brand. They get to see the whole story behind your brand and products. Grit helps brands tell their stories.


We sell solutions, not man-hours

Video Production Monitor

We have a simple business philosophy. If you grow, we grow.

We help identify what are the best possible marketing solutions for your unique brand and then set about making that happen in the highest quality form that we can. We are a nimble, flexible agency. We don’t have a huge studio full of employees that we need to find work for. So, therefore, we won’t push a solution just to keep a department employed. We pick the best people from our roster depending on what is right for your business. We use a three-pronged process to ensure we understand the customer and their needs and grow the brand.

The Learn stage is where we take the brief, gather initial research, and soak up as much intelligence as we can about the brand, competitors, and the marketplace, at the same time gathering as much info about the customer, as we can. For the second stage, we develop the strategy and positioning, adding our fire power thinking into what we’ve learnt. This is about positioning and customer insight. The Launch stage is where we take the communications to the world, in all its various forms: brand communications, video, branded content, web, social and much more. Then, we repeat. Always optimising, building and improving your brand.


Our full range of capabilities.

Video Camera for branded content

Strategy & Analytics

  • Brand and identity planning
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Innovation workshops
  • Communications planning
  • Search engine marketing strategy (SEO & SEM)
  • User research
  • Focus groups and surveys
  • Customer journey development
  • Competitive audit Content strategy

Design & UX

  • Brand design
  • Printed marketing collateral
  • Packaging
  • Environmental design
  • User Interface design
  • Usability design
  • User pathways
  • Information flow
  • Information architecture


  • Ecommerce
  • Installation and Testing
  • CMS Systems
  • Web applications

Content & Social

Video content

Editorial content

Social Media campaigns

Social media strategy

Social media planning