Reach the largest audience possible with a strong end-to-end campaign.

You have put your life and soul into your production, so how can you get people to see it?

Film marketing is no longer as simple as a nicely crafted poster and a trailer to show at cinemas. As with all advertising, the number of marketing channels has increased massively, whilst the advent of cheaper digital production and a huge range of distribution platforms spearheaded by the likes of Netflix, the competition is fierce.

How can we do it?

Whether it’s a feature or short film, TV production or web series, Grit can help make the most of your extremely tight marketing budget by helping craft an advertising strategy that targets the right viewers in the right places at the right time.

Backing up the strategy is our range of creative and production services including poster and brochure design, trailer creation, social media campaigns, branded content and website development.

Grit has a unique background in film and TV, with our Creative Director having studied Directing, Producing and Cinematography both in Australia at AFTRS and in New York at SVA.

Advertising and Marketing Services

Grit can provide complete end-to-end marketing and advertising services for your film or TV production.

Social Media Advertising


Email campaigns

Video Content Production

Trailer Production

Website Design and Development

Ecommerce setup

Print design (Posters, Flyers, Brochures)

Tracking and Analytics

PR Services

Grit has a partner agency with extensive international experience in public relations within the arts.

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