Have a one-on-one conversation with existing and potential customers.

You’ve got mail

Why email

With the rise and rise of more channels and new ways to talk to customers every day, email marketing features as a really important way to have an ongoing conversation with your audience.

Start with the list

Your email list is one of your most valuable resources, and if you treat it correctly, the cost of looking after it will pay for itself. You need permission to send emails to people, so make sure your list is authentic.

Personalise your emails

Email marketing allows marketers to connect with customers at the right place and time. Well designed and personalised email marketing leads to a more engaged audience with viewers who want to open, read, and take action on the email. You can also segment your email list by splitting this up into more targeted groups so you can send more personalised emails. eg: long term customers, first-time customers, potential customers, and others.

Power of data

Data gives you power but importantly it’s what you do with that data that makes it powerful. As buyers browsing habits and online purchasing habits are trackable marketers can instantly target customers on a personalised basis and appeal to their needs at critical times.

Tailored offers

With all that data available, marketers can make all sorts of special offers to appeal to their customers and potential customers eg: coupons for a limited time for a particular product the customer has been browsing, Special 2 for 1 offers, 10% off today only, or other offers.

Companies like Amazon, Rip Curl, Seafolly, The New York Times and PayPal are doing some amazing things with targeted email marketing based on using data in a clever and strategic way.


At the end of the day, the success of e-mail marketing comes down to personalisation and authenticity. Whether you’re an SME marketer or part of a marketing team at a large brand, there’s room to creatively use email marketing and automation to reach your objectives.

Email Services

Mailing list population

Email is still a highly effective way of targeted communication and advertising, but its effectiveness is dependant on the volume and quality of the contacts within your list.

Setup email list management

Effective email marketing usually relies on a good platform to help manage subscriber sign ups, removals and garbage filtering. Quite often your business will need to manage multiple lists based on interest, customer status or based around a specific promotion.Email template creation

Email template creation

In order to implement a flexible and nimble email marketing strategy, a series of email templates are used as the basis for each post. By designing and building flexible and robust templates, emails can be sent out quickly without compromising the brand’s quality standards. The use of templates also allows multiple people to create marketing emails while maintaining consistency across all campaigns.