Come work with us

GRIT is growing. And we are always looking for people to join the team and help out.

We don’t have a ping-pong table, or bean bags or even polished floorboards, but we are a bunch of nice people. Honestly. It’s something we strive for – no idiots.

And we are upstairs from a market full of fresh food, so lunch time is pretty sorted. We’ll even buy you all the fruit you want.


Everything that requires wrangling the spoken and written word. From writing video scripts, to online long form content. If you can whittle down four pages of corporate speak into a powerful, moving 1 minute voiceover script, or write a product overview that would make J. Peterman puff up with pride or even write a Facebook post that makes people all “ermagod… LOLZ. like and share sooo much”

Front-end Dev/Designers

Part visual designer, part UX evangelist, part HTML/CSS coder. We know it’s basically three jobs in one, but why have a team of mortals when you can have a super hero? If your religion is user-based design and you know your way around an HTML5 stack, get your SASSy ass over here! (See what I did there? Hehe, sorry).

Video Editors/Motion Graphics Designers

Premiere Pro and After Effects are your weapons, with a bit of Resolve thrown in. The majority of our work is output for online video, with the occasional TV commercial. If your bread and butter is motion graphics, video editing, colour correcting, and basic sound editing, let us know.

WordPress Devs

Do you dream in PHP? We use WordPress for almost all our CMS driven websites, so we always need someone who knows how to build plugins, templates and widgets.

All of the above

We know how it is. A lot of the time, especially in the digital space, your skill set is a mashup of multiple roles. Digital designer who loves motion graphics too? PHP guru who just happens to write short films in their spare time? Frontend-backend-dev-designer? Brilliant.

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