Biotempus: Helping to cure dog cancer

Biotempus: Helping to cure dog cancer

Biotempus works in the area of timed immunotherapeutics to combat disease and cancers. The company has developed a deep insight into how drug efficacy can be increased and toxicity reduced, by synchronising treatments in accordance with cycles within the immune system.

GRIT recently designed and produced a video for Biotempus to take some great immunotherapeutics research news to the world. The video takes a ‘scientific news/interview’ approach featuring Vets associated with the initial trials, telling the story of this possible breakthrough process in the treatment of dog cancers.

The video is designed to encourage Vets from around the world to participate in further clinical trials. Featuring Duke, a now healthy Bull Mastiff cross that did suffer from bone cancer, it is an encouraging good news story. So far the video and associated communications have brought people into the program from across the globe and the initial target has been exceeded 10 fold.

That’s a whopping result that Biotempus and GRIT are both proud of. So now the next stage is to see how the results go for the expanded trial. And, we can add as a result of this campaign, Biotempus was recently featured as a lead story on Today Tonight and shown on CH7 news nationally, in the Herald Sun, The Courier Mail, The Veterinarian Magazine and shortly in the Leader Newspapers.

Stay tuned, for more news about this groundbreaking and amazing program.

Andrew Boal